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Most electrical problems are more likely to endanger life and property the longer they are delayed. Electrical emergencies can come in many forms. They may consider a faint burnt smell, a fading light, or a sudden spark to be nothing more than an annoyance and continue to ignore them, but you would be wrong! The moment you discover an electrical emergency at home or work, you should first contact an emergency electrician instead of sleeping over it.

Electricity is dangerous, and both can be catastrophic when something goes wrong, whether it’s complex commercial electrical equipment or home appliances. Besides the risk of electrocution, the majority of home fires are caused by electrical problems. Not just homes. Electrical contractors have also visited many businesses that have encountered problems following the electrical emergency. Although seemingly trivial, electrical faults pose a significant risk and is recommended to contact an Emergency Electrical Service in Perth as soon as possible if you encounter any issues at work or at home.

What Is The Reason For The Emergency Power Service?

Electrical emergencies can put you and your family at risk if not addressed quickly. Storm or water damage, electrical fires, or equipment malfunctions should be evaluated quickly to prevent further damage or physical harm. Electrical service providers offer a 24-hour emergency power service and are always ready to help in the event of an electrical emergency. But in what situations would you need an emergency Perth Electrician right away? You could say these are the things that literally keep us up at night!

  • Power Failure: 

    If there is no power, do the first troubleshooting yourself and see if you need to call us. First, make sure the lights are working. Then look down the street to see if your neighbour’s lights or streetlights are on. If you think there is a power outage on the street, first call your power company or check their website for power outages. If everyone else seems to have it except you, you may have faulty wiring, circuit breaker, or power supply, which is an emergency electrician’s job. You can solve problems and find solutions.

  • Electrical Fires:

    If the device draws too much power and heats up, overcurrent can cause minor electrical fires. In winter, it tends to be an oil heater that uses a lot of electricity. Fires can also be caused by arcing when electricity jumps from one connection to another, between loose and damaged wires and between corroded metal. However, for minor fires caused by overheated cords, electrical outlets, or appliances that have ignited and extinguished, call an Emergency Electrical Service in Perth to assess the situation and resolve the issue to prevent it from reoccurring.

  • Storm Damage:

    Lightning strikes are a common cause of power problems. During thunderstorms, lightning strikes can cause problems later on and can lead to voltage issues that trigger surge protectors. To avoid damage from power surges that surge protectors may not be able to handle, we recommend unplugging your device when you know a storm is approaching. If a power outage occurs on your premises during or after a storm, the main fuse is likely blown and should be replaced. If the power goes out after a storm, unplug all your devices.

  • Water Damage:

    Storms and heavy rains can cause water to seep into building cavities. From there, the wires provide an easy pathway for water to run down and into the backs of outlets, switches, and lights. Water can also damage outdoor lighting during heavy or wind-driven rain. Water intrusion into your home or electrical business system is a serious safety hazard that requires urgent inspection and repair by a qualified Perth Electrician.

  • Failed Equipment:

    A failed appliance is usually an electrical emergency only if there are signs of burnout, socket fire, or arcing. A faulty device can also continuously trip a circuit breaker. This indicates that repair or replacement is required. In some cases, a faulty circuit board can turn off the device.

An electrical emergency can strike at any time, so it is very important to have an emergency electrician on your contact list to intervene immediately when an electrical problem occurs in your business or home. Inlightec Electrical Solutions is committed to providing quality electrical service. Whether the issue is commercial or residential, you can rest assured that we are here to assist you during an electrical emergency.

Our team consists of experienced electrical contractors with experience in providing a variety of commercial and residential Emergency Electrical Service Perth, from electrical installations to ongoing electrical maintenance services. It also includes emergency repairs. We strive to dispatch a rapid-response electrician to cover all your electrical needs, especially if there are serious safety concerns. Just give us a call, and we’ll dispatch an experienced electrician as soon as possible.


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