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Frayed extension cords and burning candles unattended are unsafe practices, approximately 370,000 house fires still claim lives and cause billions of dollars in damages every year. Some major causes of house fires have nothing to do with user error and everything to do with fire dangers hidden in your walls. Run proper electrical inspection and look for signs of problems with your electrical wires and have them fixed without delay to prevent putting your home and family at risk.

Warning Signs of Electrical Fire Dangers in Your Walls

⦁ Circuit breakers trip or fuses blow continuously.

⦁ Touching appliances plugged into the wall gives you a slight electric shock.

⦁ A persistent burning smell comes from a specific appliance or room in your home.

⦁ Plugs easily fall out of outlets.

⦁ The lights flicker.

⦁ Outlets often spark when you plug appliances in.

⦁ Light switch plates feel warm to the touch.

⦁ You find Electrical wiring that has been gnawed on by rodents or insects.

⦁ Your home has been flooded or experienced other water damage

The most advisable thing to do while dealing with a possible electrical hazard is to call an electrician to come to take a look at your wiring.

Old Wiring

Electrical wiring will only last 30 to 40 years. If you live in an older home, you might have no idea how old the house electrical wiring is. Circuits may become overloaded since older fuses can handle only 30 amps of power compared to today’s 200-amp. Electrician replaces old wiring on a case-by-case basis so have an electrician survey your home so he can recommend the best course of action to bring your wiring up to code.

Aluminium Wiring

Old wiring isn’t just a fire hazard because of low amperage capacities; it may also contain aluminium wires. This was the material of choice in the 60s and 70s, but we now know that aluminium oxidizes and corrodes faster than modern copper wiring. You can check for the word “aluminium” embossed on any exposed sections of wiring to discover if you have this fire danger hidden in your walls. A professional electrician can perform an even more thorough search.

A temporary solution is to install “pigtails,” or copper connectors at receptacles and circuit breakers, a temporary fix until you create a plan of action for rewiring your home.

Loose Outlets

If the cord falls out while you are trying to plug in, the blades inside the electrical outlet have become loose. This loose connection can generate a lot of heat and start a fire. Make sure to replace outlets as soon as you notice plugs easily coming loose.

Arc Faults

If you have ever seen a spark fly from a power outlet, you just witnessed an arc fault. The most dangerous thing is that it is difficult to spot hidden arc faults until they start a fire. You can prevent this from happening by upgrading your circuit breaker to an arc-fault circuit interrupter which detects abnormal electrical sparks and shuts down the circuit before it overheats.

Call up Inlightech electricians to inspect your house electrical wiring and eliminate the fire dangers hidden in your walls, make an appointment now (08) 6383 8016.

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