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You can prepare for unexpected situations of power-out with the help of a commercial generator. Generators can prevent diminishing profits from power outages from forcing your doors closed, possibly paying for themselves in a single outage by keeping customers happy, revenue flowing, and the situation safe.

More than a simple convenience

The purpose of having commercial generators serves a lot of benefits which goes beyond electrical comforts, ensuring not only the safety of employees and customers but the safety of security systems and computer data as well. Generators can also help you provide aid to a community in need, bolstering your reputation, minimize disruptions in day-to-day activity, preserving productivity and keeping doors open to your loyal customer base. Does your business have the advantage of a commercial generator?

How having a commercial generator could really pay off?

  • Power outage during unpredictable weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, snow and ice storms, and storms with high wind and lighting.
  • Natural disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes.
  • Blackouts resulting from high electricity demands.
  • Serves as a backup during power outages resulting from auto accidents, and the nation’s aging electrical system.

Commercial generator Suitable for your business


Portable commercial generators are relatively small so they can be moved on-site for temporary use, portable generators are typically rated no higher than 15 kilowatts and 240 volts.

The Electrical equipment that requires backup power is plugged directly into the generator, which is capable of powering a few appliances/equipment at a time. They cost less than permanent models, but have a short run time, requiring up to several refuelling per day during long-term outages. These models are useful for small to mid-sized businesses, or those in remote locations. Using portable models is not recommended for businesses with sensitive electronic equipment or those who need to power numerous large appliances or machines.


A permanent generator is wired directly into your building’s electrical system through a generator transfer switch. This backup system is capable of operating automatically upon signs of power loss,

Once the switch senses an outage, it isolates the wiring and items in need of power and then transfers power needs to the generator. When the power is restored, the transfer switch then transfers back to the power source from your utility lines, turning off the generator. Permanent generators offer convenient, fuss-free emergency power for any sized business, and are capable of offering longer run times and higher power levels than portable models. They can also run on various fuels, allowing you to choose the most readily available source in your area.

Single versus three-phase

Single-phase generator is suitable for smaller businesses or homes which require only a single-phase generator, producing 240 volts, the same as the utility company supplies. Manufacturing firms, farms, and other businesses which uses heavy machinery may require three-phase power and commercial electrical contractors in Perth to adequately meet equipment/machinery needs.

Need help in finding the perfect generator to meet your needs?

Determining the types of electrical items you will need a power outage which is essential to selecting the perfect generator to meet your business needs. That’s why Inlightech’s commercial electricians in Perth are here to support and help you. Call (08) 6383 8016 or book an appointment online.

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