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Ceiling Fans – Cool your house in summer and keep it warm in winter

A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan mounted on the ceiling of a room or space, usually electrically powered, suspended from the ceiling of a room, that uses hub-mounted rotating blades to circulate air. Upgrade your home with fresh air circulation by installing a ceiling fan. 

A 24/7 electrician in Perth, such as Inlightech, can help you with your ceiling fan installation in Perth. Ceiling fans are reversible fans, which bring the warm air down to your level during the winter and distribute the cool air during the summer. Power utility is comparatively less for heating and cooling.

Ceiling base

Ceiling fans need to fit properly on a proper ceiling base. Ceilings need to have structural stability to hold the ceiling fan, which is something that we here at Inlightech can help you with. Ceiling fans are anchored to an electric ceiling box that is designed to hold a heavy fixture. It not only has to contain the ceiling fan wiring, but also must support the full weight of the fan. If you are switching from a regular light fixture by a ceiling fan, then the electrical box will likely need to be replaced with one rated to support a ceiling fan.

Residential electricians in Perth are the person who can carry out the inspection and installation of a ceiling fan and ceiling fan repair services in Perth, to keep you and your family comfortable, and safe.

Safety Considerations

Inlightech are experts at home renovation electrician services and are available in all circumstances to give you the safest possible outcome. Verify there are no obstructions at the installation site and check the joists for any wiring or plumbing pipes that might be in the way before installing your ceiling fan.

Make sure the electrical box that holds the ceiling fan in place is fan-rated.

Shut the power off at the circuit breaker box before beginning. Turn off electrical power to the fan at the electrical panel and use an appropriate testing device to ensure no power is present at the fixture before you begin work.

Emergency Electricians are always there to satisfy your needs and safeguard your home from all sorts of electrical problems.

Be sure to use the proper twist-on wire caps for the install and not tape.

SAFETY FIRST! Best way to install the ceiling fan is to contact a domestic electrician in Perth, such as Inlightech, and let them handle the install for you.

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