Though it’s a young business in the industry, inlightech electrical solution is full of skilled electricians with many years of experience under our belts.  No matter the project you have in mind, our professional staff of licensed electricians and electrical contractors will be perfect for the job. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and stay engaged every step of the way. From early conversations and quotes to following up after a project’s completion, INLIGHTECH ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS is here for you.  There is no project too big, and commercial electrical repair and installation is truly where our electrical contractors and licensed electricians shine.

Commercial lighting projects are especially enjoyable for us, as no two businesses are ever the same.  Not only is each building wired differently, but also the desired outcomes vary so highly from one business to the next. When something does appear out of the ordinary in a commercial setting, it is a test of inlightech electricians truly enjoy. Whatever the project, you can trust that inlightech electrical solution is right for the job.

Our range of services includes:


At Inlightech electrical solutions PTY Ltd we will stop at nothing to ensure customer satisfaction.  Our team works diligently to guarantee all commercial electrical projects are completed in the most efficient, effective, and affordable means possible.  If you have a commercial electrical repair need or project in mind, don’t hesitate in calling us today. We are always eager to help.

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