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Smart meters provide daily household energy use data to both the home’s occupant and the utility company. This level of information can be used – by the consumer or by any electrical service provider– to identify strategies to reduce power use, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint.

What Is a Smart Meter for Electricity?

In simple terms, A smart meter is an upgraded version of your regular analog meter, only with more beneficial features. It records your household’s power consumption and uses two-way radio signals similar to cell phones and Wi-Fi to transmit that information to the utility company. This flow of data provides the utility and the customer with updated usage information and more accurate billing. Over the decade, utility companies have been gradually rolling out smart electricity meters across the country.

Error-Free Meter Reading

It is not feasible for meter readers to visit every analog meter every month, every other month’s bill is estimated for consumers with analog meters resulting in unexpectedly high actual bills to make up for low estimated bills. Smart meters will give you an accurate reading based on actual daily power usage data, so you never pay too much or too little.

Easy Monitor & Maintenance

As there is a constant flow of usage data coming from customers’ homes, utilities can offer faster power outage detection and resolution. Also since it’s easier to get your usage data you can cut back on unnecessary usage of electricity with smart electricity meters and save money.

Smart meter save money!

Monitoring the usage of the energy we consume. Usually, mornings, afternoons and evenings on a weekday are the time when energy consumption is high and nighttime (when we’re asleep) is when it’s low. Suppose, if a high number of electricity customers shift their energy use to off-peak times, there’s less need for expensive Electrical Installation Services as the current network infrastructure can be used more efficiently. With no more in-person meter reading visits, costs are reduced for the utility company and those savings can be passed on to customers.

Also, retailers offer flexible pricing plans or time-of-use tariffs to customers with interval and smart meters to incentivise customers to use cheaper, off-peak energy.

Take Control of Electricity Costs with Inlightech

If your retailer hasn’t installed a smart energy meter, contact us to make Electrical Installation Services for a power consumption meter at your electrical panel, which will provide you with real-time energy usage information to help you reduce your energy bills. We can use that information, or information from your smart meter, to consult with you about strategies to reduce your utility costs and lower your carbon footprint.

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