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It’s like they say “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. Here is what experts at Inlightech say about easy energy saving tips that you can make in your daily lives.

Twist a knob

Dialling down the temperature on your tank-style water heat 10 degrees Fahrenheit can save 3-5% in energy. Double the temperature drop – double the savings. Adding an insulated wrap, taking shorter showers.

Drop the Outdated Appliances

You’ll be surprised to know how much you can save by dropping that old, outdated tank-style water heater.

Save 7% just by opting for high-efficiency tank-style

30% saving on going tankless

Hybrid water heater models mound up to 60% saving, helping you keep your energy expenses from sailing away with your savings.

Save by Switches

Turn off unwanted lights or install occupancy sensors to turn off the lights when you leave a room for effortless energy savings.

Toss away the old flickers.

Toss wasteful incandescents and ancient fluorescent ballasts, twisting-in greener, more efficient light bulb technology and magically achieve up to 75% savings on lighting.

Go unplugged.

Unplug or use smart power strips to cut power to appliances and chargers when not in use Pay special attention to current consuming locales like entertainment centres and offices.

Recycle and Upgrade

Recycle old appliances, energy-sucking refrigerators, freezers, ranges, stovetops and ovens, Upgrade it with new, highly-efficient Energy Star-rated models will help you save energy

Caulk it

Seal air leaks with caulk and weather stripping around windows, doors, piping, electrical and outlets, sealing out air leaks that can strain your heating and cooling equipment – and your checking account.

Revamp your Building

Inefficient windows can be responsible for up to 20% of energy loss in a home. Upgrade by Replacing those old, inefficient windows with new low emissivity, double-paned options can help you save up to 50%

Mother Nature Always has an Answer

Talk to your area landscaping specialist to uncover ways you can reduce energy costs with the help of trees and shrubs for winter wind protection and summer shade.

Embrace Smart Tech

Install a smart thermostat to adjust temperature settings based on the number of occupancies. Depending on various seasons, an auto adjustable thermostat will help you reduce your energy bill 1%.

Check out our Inlightech blogs for more Insightful tips on Upgrades, Installations at a Commercial, Retail and Residential level.

Our licensed electricians at Inlightech are ready to help with any electrical services that you may request.

We also provide other services such as

  • Electrical appliance Installation
  • Power Upgrades in Perth
  • Hard Wired Smoke and Fire Detector Installation in and around Perth
  • Stove Install & Oven Elements
  • Emergency lighting works in Perth
  • Powerpoint Installs and Repairs
  • Cabling Upgrades
  • Air conditioning installation in Perth
  • Office fitouts in and around Perth
  • Kitchen makeovers Perth
  • Down-Lights & LED Lighting Installation & Upgrades
  • Safety Inspections
  • Switchboard upgrade in Perth
  • 24/7 Emergency Electrician
  • Outdoor power point installation Perth
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Range Hood Installation
  • Stove, Range and Oven Installation
  • Perth Fan Installation
  • Dimmer Light Switch Installations
  • Exhaust Fans & Extractor Installation
  • Electrical Outlet and GPO Installs
  • RCD & Safety Switches Installation
  • Fuse Box Install, Repair, Upgrades
  • Rewiring
  • Cheap kitchen renovations Perth
  • Electrical fault finding
  • LAN, Phone and TV Cable Installs

Call Inlightech Electrician near your area today at (08) 6383 8016 or request an appointment online to solve your electrical issues immediately.


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