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Prevention is better than cure. The smart way to lower your risk of electrical fires is to upgrade your system but it’s also crucial to know best practices should you ever be faced with one.  In case if you ever find yourself amidst an electrical fire and you don’t have a fire extinguisher, keep the following things in mind.

Put Your Safety First

When you’re not able to turn the electricity off and the electrical fire is growing quickly and, you need to put your safety first. To ensure safety measures are taken by professionals, call 000 right away and be sure to tell the dispatcher that it’s an electrical fire. Make sure you can see two clear pathways to safety before attempting to put out the fire yourself. If one of those two pathways becomes blocked or unsafe to approach, evacuate immediately. It is not worth risking your life.

Disconnect the Electricity

First and foremost is to locate and disconnect the electricity to the source of the fire. If the source of fire is from an appliance, unplug it immediately, by unplugging it will reduce the risk that the flames will spread. If you are unable to unplug the source then you need to disconnect the electricity in your home. Since the source of the fire is now cut off, you are no longer at risk of electrocution.

Use Baking Soda for Small Electrical Fire

For small electrical fires such as in the case where the fire began in an appliance or an overloaded cord, unplugged the power source and tossed baking soda over the flames. Since baking soda contains the chemical compound called sodium bicarbonate, which is also in Class C fire extinguishers. Always remember to keeping an open box of baking soda easily accessible could become a lifesaver if a small appliance like a toaster or crockpot bursts into flames.

Never Use Water While the Power Is On

Let’s recall 6th-grade science – water conducts electricity. When dealing with fire one’s first impulse would be to use water. This is not an advisable practice when dealing with electrical fire. If you toss water onto an electrical fire, you are at risk of being badly electrocuted.

How to Put Out an Electrical Fire Once the Power Is Off

You have more options to fight the flames once you’ve disconnected the electricity in your house.

⦁ Fire Extinguisher: Always use a Class C Fire Extinguisher to put out electrical fires. They contain mono ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, or potassium bicarbonate in them which help to put out electrical fires

⦁ Fire blanket:  Fire blanket comes in handy if you don’t have a fire extinguisher. Fire blankets cut off the oxygen a fire needs to burn, putting it out entirely if it’s small enough.

⦁ Sand or Water: Sand can help to put out fires too in case if an electrical fire happens in an area with oil, sand in the bucket is dumped on the fire to cut off oxygen supply from the fire. If you’re confident that the source power is off, water can be used to put out that flame.

Prevent Electrical Fire Before They Start

An electrical safety inspection can prevent electrical fires from starting. Call the experts at Inlightech, the best electrician in Perth, can help you decide which upgrades may be right for your electrical system to keep your family safe.

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