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Exterior and Interior motion sensors are great for security, safety and convenience for elderly homeowners or houseguest. Safe Lifestyle for Elderly Homeowners starts with installing Interior motion sensors which prevent you and/or your guest from fumbling for the light switch, as low visibility is a common reason for slips and falls.

Wireless Motion-Sensing Lights

If you have a sensitive bladder and get up frequently at night, the low-cost option is a wireless motion-sensing light which is easy to install and ensures safe lifestyle for elderly homeowners. These wireless motion-sensing lights come with battery power thus you don’t need to look for an outlet to power it – set it on the floor, bottom shelf of a bookcase or any other area that requires it to light up. you can also use a stick-on feature to mount it up on the wall.

You might be wondering how this device detects motion – an invisible, cone-shaped infrared beam picks up motion from a wide range, so it’s easy to turn on the light with natural movements such as getting out of bed, walking down the hall, or opening the bathroom door. The light remains on for a few minutes, and then it shuts back off to conserve battery power.

Plug-In motion-detecting Nightlight

If you don’t want to go through changing batteries then a plug-in motion-detecting nightlight is the best option. With long-lasting LEDs, you don’t have to worry about replacing bulbs.

Perfect for bathroom and hallways, this motion sensor is that the light shuts off when it’s not needed, conserving power. A few minutes after climbing into bed or leaving the room, the light automatically turns off and complete darkness returns.

Motion Sensor Light Switches

Motion sensor light switches are available in several forms, including snap-on upgrades that fit over your existing light switch covers. Since sometimes, seniors may feel like they don’t need an overhead light or might forget to turn them on. This instant installation comes in handy with no need to change out bulbs or modify the electrical wiring.

Motion Sensor Outlets

Motion sensor outlets allow anything that’s plugged into the wall to activate when you walk by. Effortless Installation all you need to do is simply install this device into the wall and plug a lamp into the device. There are versions which automatically turn on the light when it gets dark outside. Many motion sensor outlets are designed to be compatible with LEDs, CFLs, and incandescent bulbs for versatility. We at Inlightech would suggest you opt for LEDs as it lasts longer, eco-friendly and also helps you save your dime.

Motion-Activated Toilet Nightlight

The bathroom is an appropriate and important area in the house to cover while elder-proofing with motion sensor lighting, but there is no need for an expensive upgrade; you can simply hang specially designed motion sensor lights on the edge of the seat. A toilet nightlight is not for the fancy looks; it allows seniors to use the facilities without turning on the bright overhead light.

Whether it’s motion detector installation that requires more than simply plugging in a nightlight or setting a battery-powered device on a shelf, turn to Inlightech. Our services include the installation and replacement of dimmers, timers, motion sensors, and other lighting systems. For projects requiring a licensed electriciancheck us out. We are here to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

To schedule services with Inlightechcontact us today at (08) 6383 8016.

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