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When purchasing an air conditioner, you are still only halfway through. The next step is to find an air conditioning contractor to install the unit in your home. Choosing an air conditioner installer is just as important as the air conditioner you buy. Take time and choose a reliable, qualified and experienced technician. From finding the right air conditioning installer to estimating installation costs, our complete air conditioning installation guide will help simplify the process.

The easiest way to find a licensed and experienced individual for Air Conditioner Installation Perth is to contact your preferred air conditioning manufacturer. Most of these suppliers can provide both air conditioner sales and installation services. By choosing preferred air conditioning installer from a reputable manufacturer, you can rest assured that they will install your unit correctly, have all the necessary licenses, and offer a fair market price.

Reasons Why An Air Conditioner Installation Company Needs A License

If your air conditioner is not installed properly, it will void your warranty and may not work properly. Choosing an experienced and fully licensed air conditioner installer helps prevent this from happening. Individuals providing Commercial Electrical Services in Perth are required by law to hold a Refrigerant License to handle the refrigerant within the air conditioning system during installation.

Air Conditioner Installation Cost

One of the most essential components to take into consideration for any Industrial Electrical Contractors in Perth is the cost. The cost of installing an air conditioner by a professional ac installer depends on several factors.

  • The type of unit to install. Single-split systems are usually less expensive than multi-split or inverter-channel systems.
  • The number of air conditioners installed.
  • Installation may cost more if the air conditioning installer uses more plumbing or upgrades the electrical system.

The cost of installing an air conditioner varies greatly depending on where it is installed. Commercial Electrical Services in Perth can advise you on the best location for your unit, but in general, it’s a good idea to choose a high-wall location close to where you’ll be installing the outdoor unit. Blow all over the room.

What To Look For In An Air Conditioner Installer

In addition to licensing, there are a few other things to look for in your Industrial Electrical Contractors in Perth in order to have a hassle-free cooling experience. Some of the important things to consider are:

  • Helpful Process:

    The majority of the air condition installers may feel pressure during the sales process to try and sell a more expensive unit. If feeling pressured, it is advised to just walk away. A good installer will instead give advice on what’s best for the home and present the information that may be required to make a decision.

  • Transparency:

    The majority of the air condition installers should volunteer their license number, provide detailed and professionally presented quotations, including all costs, and be transparent throughout the entire process.

  • Prompt Communication:

    The air condition installers should always get back promptly with clear responses to the different questions that one may have.

  • Quality Service:

    The vast majority of air condition installers aim to provide a quality and professional service. They would make an effort to turn up on time, clean up after the job and get back in touch once the system is installed in order to check if it’s functioning properly.

As the extreme heat situation and summers hit the country, one can think of a cool place to sit in. One knows that this is impossible in a natural environment, so they can opt for an artificial method to avail of this plan. The artificial plan is to install an air conditioner and chill around it. When planning for the ac installation service, one needs to know that the place where one will install the device must be dam-free, hard, and strong enough to take the ac.

Choosing a quality Air Conditioner Installation Perth is just as important as choosing the right air conditioner for your home. To ensure the installation is seamless and hassle-free, take the time to find a licensed and experienced installer you can trust. Get in touch with Inlightec Electrical Solutions for all your ac installation needs.


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