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Outdoor outlet safety is as important as indoor. Unlike the controlled indoor environment of your home, outdoor outlets and wiring undergo a lot of stress, from power hungry lawn equipment to weather extremes that indoor outlets do not.  Although there is a major difference between indoor and outdoor outlets, many homeowners treat them as one and the same, leading to unnecessary safety dangers. Here are a few things to put on your checklist in regards to safety.

Outdoor Lighting & Outlet Safety Basics:

Use the Right Outlet

Weather-resistant (WR) receptacles offer protection from humidity, rain, ice, and snow when installed correctly in approved weather protective covers. Operating only WR GFCI receptacles outdoors protect your family against shock in the moisture-prone outdoor environment.

Update Outlets that Aren’t Up to Par

Making the necessary update on outdoor outlets is another sure way to ensure safety if your home is older, or its previous inhabitants didn’t install outdoor GFCI outlets, take remedy ASAP for safety.

Don’t Use Indoor Extension Cords Outdoors

Like WR receptacles, they are no match for the outdoor environment, and in many cases, are not rated to meet the capacity of lawn tools, power tools, and gluttonous holiday lighting and outdoor décor needs.

Watch for Potential Problems

Clear tangles from wires and extension cords, check for nicks and cuts, and be careful running wires around trees and walkways, avoiding areas where wires could become damaged.

Avoid Wet Areas

Includes not just like pools and ponds, but also areas in your yard that are prone to flooding.

Don’t Overload Outlets or Extension Cords

Better safe than sorry, add an additional outlet or picking up a higher-capacity cord costs far less in money and heartache than a post-fire homeowner’s insurance deductible.

Keep Outlets Clear

Keep outlet areas clean of grass clippings, spider webs and debris use/install outlet covers to keep it safe.

Stay Aware of Components

Remain aware of outlets in your yard, particularly when weed eating and mowing.

Avoid Outdoor Electrical Use During Storms

Just as you exit the pool in the event of a storm, so should you stop outdoor activities requiring electronic devices in the event of a storm.

Avoid Wasting Energy

Conservation of energy is not just a global responsibility but of every individual, running outdoor lighting and holiday lights day and night can quickly raise your energy bill, wasting the earth’s precious resources. Luckily, you can keep the earth safe and green while keeping more lighting dollars in your pocket with LED lighting technology. LED bulbs put nearly all energy burned to use for light, using 75-85% less energy than old incandescents, and last 10 times longer, reducing replacement bulb annoyances.

Take Advantage of Tech for Outdoor Outlet Safety

These smart Outdoor outlets avail you the option for the easy programming and efficient operation of holiday and outdoor lighting, with options ranging from remote control smart lighting, to smart device which are voice operable through home automation devices including Alexa and Siri. Your benefits of smart tech don’t end there you can also set on a timer, or modify on-demand for the safe, convenient, and energy-efficient operation of the porch, landscape, and hard-to-reach holiday lighting. Similar to weather-resistant receptacles outdoor-rated models are also weather and impact-resistant, and safe to leave outdoors.

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