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Just because your lights and appliances are working fine doesn’t mean your wiring is in working condition. Most people hardly make any Electrical Safety Inspection after installation but the truth is the wiring in your home needs to be inspected at regular intervals and definitely needs a proper upgrade if the electrical wiring of the house is more than 40 years old.

Why upgrade your Electrical wiring?

Installing sufficient wiring doesn’t just ensure safety but also enhances your home’s functionality, reliability, and safety to keep up with today’s ever-increasing power needs. This rule doesn’t just stand for installation of current electrical wiring but also for wiring your phone, Internet, cable, and more.

Waiting is a risk if you don’t Upgrade your Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring
Electrical Wiring

Did you know that faulty wiring is the leading cause of residential fires? Run an Electrical Safety Inspection at your home and if you come across any of the below-listed scenarios then your home may be behind the times and in need of wiring updates.

Older wiring

Here are some of the safety hazards brought from old wiring

  • Aluminium wiring used in the 60s and 70s
  • Non-metallic wiring installed in the 40s and 50s
  • Knob and tube wiring in pre-1930s homes

Two-pronged, ungrounded outlets

Without proper grounding, there is an enormous safety hazard for you and your electronic gadgets as electrical excesses have nowhere to go but into your devices or it could even affect you even if you have a surge protector. Upgrade to the latest electrical standards and reduce shock risks

Missing GFCIs

GFCIs protect you from shock in high moisture areas such as in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, utility rooms, garages, spa/pool areas, unfinished crawl spaces/basements, and any areas outside of your home. Lacking these inexpensive, easy-to-install devices in your home? Call your nearby Inlightech Electrician 

Missing AFCIs

AFCIs acts as a circuit breaker and prevents fire, it disconnects electricity flow in the event of a potentially dangerous arc. AFCIs are usually installed in bedrooms if you haven’t yet, Call your nearby professional electricians at Inlightech

Outlets that are not childproof/Pet friendly

Pet proofing and childproofing your home keeps your child as well as pets safe these specially manufactured outlets require equal pressure in all prongs simultaneously for electricity to flow. Childproof outlets are more expensive than your traditional outlets and are required in all newly built homes.

Not enough power

Today’s homes often need 100 to 200 amps to successfully operate the various range of technologically advanced appliances you use simultaneously, from mobile devices and flat screens to your refrigerator and air conditioner. Without an adequate power supply, you could end up damaging these sensitive items beyond repair.

Other behind-the-times, wiring problem signs also include:

⦁ Tripped breakers

⦁ Blown fuses

⦁ Using extension cords or adapters to compensate for a lack of outlets

⦁ Flickering or dimming lights with the operation of neighbouring appliances

⦁ Rodent damage

⦁ Popping, crackling or buzzing

⦁ Hot or scorch marked outlets

⦁ Burning smells or smoke

Call the professionals and make an appointment to protect your family and home by ensuring the smooth, efficient operation of all electrical equipment. Contact your nearby Inlightech Electrician for an electrical safety inspection and house electrical wiring inspection today.

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