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A Circuit breaker protects the circuit and the wiring from overheating and prevents electrical fire.  When your circuit trips all you have to do is to turn the breaker all the way off and then all the way back on again. If that doesn’t fix your circuit tripping problem and your breaker continues to trip it means your circuit is overloaded, you can check an overloaded circuit as described below. Even after assessing each of the following possible causes of the tripping and your breaker still keeps tripping contact a licensed electrician to correct the problem. Several common problems associated with breaker tripping are listed below, as well as what you should do to solve these problems if they occur in your home.

Overloaded Circuit

One of the reasons why a breaker trip is when the circuit is overloaded because too much power is demanded from one circuit and the breaker prevents potential danger by stopping the flow of electricity by tripping it. You can fix this issue by redistributing some of the power to different circuits by either using fewer appliances at the same time or you can also plug some of the appliances into other outlets that are connected to different breakers. If this doesn’t work and your circuit breaker keeps tripping then it’s time to install new circuit breakers and if your electrical panel does not have space for additional breakers Call a Licensed Electrician in order to install an additional electrical panel.

Short Circuit

Once you have checked for circuit overloading as the cause of your breaker tripping. The second case to check for is a short circuit which is a more serious issue, causing the breaker to trip. A short circuit in any place in a home’s electrical system can cause a tripped breaker. To fix breaker tripping from short circuit it is recommended to call a knowledgeable licensed electrician to properly correct the issue, to ensure your safety and also ensure a sure fix to the electrical problem

Ground Fault

Now that you’ve checked both cases of circuit overload and a short circuit third on the list to check for is a ground fault which is also a potential cause for a breaker tripping. A ground fault is a type of short circuit where the black hot wire is in contact with the ground wire or with the side of the metal box, to which the ground wire is also connected. When you Call in your Nearby Inlightech Electrician to fix your short circuit problem it is also recommended to rectify this problem if it occurs in the circuit breaker system within your home.

Circuit breakers are like guardians in your electrical panel they keep you, your home and your family safe from electrically-caused home fires. Run an Electrical Safety Inspection to identify any potential problems with your circuit breaker and do not delay in contacting a licensed electrician to diagnose and correct the electrical problem. Ignorance is never bliss when it comes to electrical safety and even one single faulty breaker can have devastating, life-changing consequences, while one small electrical service call can make all the difference in maintaining your family’s safety and well-being. When it comes to electrical safety one can never be too safe in identifying circuit breaker problems early and taking prompt action to fix any problems that arise. If ever you have questions, Inlightech Electrical Solutions answers every call by a licensed electrician. Call today (08) 6383 8016. The experts at Inlightech team are always available to make an RCD installation done for you.

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