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Wondering if you should invest in solar power? Here’s a list of factors put up by professional electrical contractors at Inlightech to help you make that decision.  We all know green energy, renewable energy helps save money as well as the environment hence residential solar energy installations are on the rise all over the world and Australians aren’t behind. Solar power is increasingly practical and affordable energy option, could solar be a good investment for your home?

The Benefits of Investing in Solar Power For your Home

  • Free, clean renewable energy, solar panels
  • Helps in cut back on home energy costs
  • Reducing the need for your home to rely on energy sourced from fossil fuels

Simple installation process making it easier for homes and businesses switch to cleaner, greener technology and energy sources.

How to decide if a solar energy system right for your home? Here are the list of things to consider

Is there enough available sunlight on your property?

Solar Panel needs the energy from the sun and if you live in a cloudy climate or in a neighbourhood jam-packed with tall trees, solar panels may not be the optimal choice for you. Call Inlightech solar panel installation professional to help you uncover your solar energy potential, providing estimates of how much solar energy your roof is exposed to.

Do you have space on a south-facing roof?

South-facing roofs have the best possible access to the sun’s energy. If you don’t have a south-facing roof or enough roof space, there are other options such as including ground-mount solar installations. You can also invest in community solar gardens if there are others in your immediate area interested in benefitting from solar power.

Does your homeowner’s association allow for solar panels?

Some Homeowners association does not like the appearance of solar panels, making solar energy a non-starter in some neighbourhoods.

Does Invest in Solar Power Help in Saving?

Due to the rising number of people opting for solar power the cost of solar installations has dropped dramatically, 70% over the past 10 years. A solar system generating 500kWh per month can help you save $750/year which will also be beneficial to pay off the balance of a solar system swiftly. Homeowners break even on solar system investments in 7.5 years on average, saving extensively thereafter over the long, 25-30 year life of solar systems. Even if you don’t plan on staying in your house that long? Solar additions increase home value and expedite the selling process, exciting buyers with the prospect of seriously shrunken utility bills.

Brighten up your home and lighten your bills with solar power. Contact Inlightech to learn more about solar panel systems installations and available incentives in your area today.

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