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It’s the Holiday season and we are all super excited about festooning our house with outdoor Christmas lights this year, but happy lighting comes with heartbreaking electric bills. So to keep you from stressing on this merry occasion, Inlightech offers you a more energy-efficient option – solar Christmas Lights! These outdoor holiday lights can be a great solution for savvy holiday decorators. Once you’ve decided on the best type of outdoor Christmas lighting for your lifestyle, Inlightech can help you design a home light display that will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

How Do Solar Christmas Lights Work?

Solar Christmas lights are attached to a dark panel known as the solar cell which converts the sun’s rays into electrical current. This converted electricity is then stored in a battery until it’s needed. Solar lights charge off sunlight all day. In the evening, a photoreceptor senses when it’s dark outside and will turn on the light. The light (usually an LED) will remain on until the battery is empty or the photoreceptor senses light again.

Many string lights available at your local hardware store operate with small batteries and only carry enough charge for one night. Usually, Solar batteries typically last about two years before needing replacement.

Types of Solar Holiday Lights

Most solar Christmas lights use LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. We all know LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and pocket friendly than incandescent options.

As more people love to have a merry holiday which doesn’t put a strain on your wallet you can choose solar versions of all your traditional outdoor holiday lighting!

When Do Solar Outdoor Lights Work Best?

Solar outdoor lights charge with the help of sunlight, they work best when there is plenty of daylight. Most solar lights need between four and twelve hours of sunlight to fully charge. Solar lights may receive less light in the winter or rainy months. Some solar lights struggle to fully charge in cold weather as well. Solar lights may not be right for you if you live in a very snowy, cold area with little sunlight.

Where to Hang Solar Holiday Lights

The Advantage of solar holiday lights is that it does not require extension cords, you have total flexibility when deciding where to install them. Keep in mind that solar outdoor lights work best when the charging panel is placed in a sunny spot and if you live in a snowy area, make sure your solar panels aren’t covered in snow so they can charge properly. It is also important to hang your lights safely and check them for any frayed wires. Avoid placing hot lights on dry trees and hang outdoor lights on insulated hooks.

Why Choose Solar Christmas Lights?

1. Saving money

Although the upfront costs of solar holiday lights are higher than traditional string lights, you will save money long term on your energy bills. And if you only use solar lights during the holidays, they should last a long time.

2. Reducing your carbon footprint

Solar lights with LED bulbs use less energy, produce less heat, charge more rapidly, and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Solar power provides safe renewable energy that reduces carbon emissions.

About to blow a fuse over holiday lighting stress? No problem! Call Inlightech team of licensed and experienced electricians at (08) 6383 8016 or schedule an appointment online or reach us at Inlightech

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